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A thought-provoking environmental tale featuring a lovable hero.
The ingenuity and groundbreaking ideas that the students come up with (like echolocation vests) are worthy of mention, and wildly empowering to young readers.
This story could mark the start of an entertaining series for middle-grade readers. Read more....

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"The story carries a timely theme about the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of protecting our ecosystems...readers will be glued to the sidelines cheering for KyRose." Read more...

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Set in 2030, Cicek Bricault’s fantastical novel KyRose Takes a Leap focuses on a girl who can speak with animals but who wants only to be popular—or at least more normal.
A relatable heroine.
In the adventure story KyRose Takes a Leap, a girl with special abilities faces immense social pressures. Read more...


Cicek Bricault's engaging blend of magical realism and a girl's realistic, technology-influenced life will engage those who enjoy stories that operate on the edgy boundary of fantasy and fiction.
With its intrigue, discovery, problem-solving, and extraordinary encounters, Cicek Bricault has created an engaging story to attract STEAM learners.
KyRose Takes A Leap is highly recommended for advanced elementary to middle school readers. They will relish this captivating story of a girl who decides when to take risks and how to accept more responsibility as a leader.


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