KyRose Takes A Leap


For Girls and Boys, 8-12 years old

A cross between Harry Potter and the mystery novels Scat and Flush by Carl Hiaasen (that focus on kids solving crimes against nature). All, with a bit of magic and oodles of high tech and empower kids to save the world.

It’s the year 2030 and students at MakerX20 are building gadgets for astronauts about to land on Mars. But, twelve-year-old KyRose has a secret mission of her own. She’s a freak. Well, at least, that’s what her classmates say when they see her talk to animals. All KyRose wants is to be normal, like everyone else, and to win over Georgia, captain of the soccer team and most popular girl in school.

Meanwhile, a mysterious migration leaves a young dolphin stranded. Will KyRose help? Or, in her frenzy to fit in, will she shun her special giftand her best friend Corato achieve the acceptance she so longs for?


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