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Our 1st Book Publication
KyRose Takes A Leap 
A STEAM/STEM novel that delights
kids (8-12 years old)
to study science & technology
without the fear of failure.

Teaches kids
how to collaborate with A.I.
 and teammates to solve problems.

Kids, get ready!
To invent the future & heal the planet!

praise & awards

A thought-provoking environmental tale featuring a lovable hero.

Kirkus Reviews

Empowering for kids and adults alike. 

Dr. Ipek Serifsoy

Founder of  Women's Leadership Circle, Master Facilitator & Coach

Challenges young readers to take charge when it comes to nature and animals. The book will inspire them to look at what might be happening in their own community.

Greg Pattridge "Always in the Middle..."

My daughter and I delighted at the turn of every page! KyRose is the perfect young role model for our time!

Carol Gwen

Mom & Entrepreneur

Our Story

KyRose Loves is a playground, community and publishing company for Makers that was founded by author/creator Cicek Bricault (pronounced Chee-check Bre-co). Here we celebrate the inner-child, intuition, curiosity and the spontaneity of the creative process. And we love to collaborate with others.

Drawn to personal connections and the power of technology, Cicek had managed online communities and produced content for fast-paced, high-tech start-ups for nearly a decade. When she became a mother, that all changed. Her values shifted. Time slowed. Cicek experienced firsthand, children's innate creativity and how they live in the moment (what the ancient Greeks called Kairos time). 

Cicek decided to write a story to inspire kids to follow their passions and use technology and their natural talents to make a difference in the world. KyRose was born, the superhero who can speak with animals. Her name and KyRose Loves imbue the magic of Kairos...and all that is possible when we stop, listen, and ask.

KyRose Takes A Leap, is the first in a trilogy. The book takes readers on a magical ride from microbes to migration patterns. Twelve-year-old KyRose Sanchez traverses the circle of life, with A.I. and augmented reality, and her band of friends. Yet, before she can help anyone, especially the animals who desperately need her, KyRose must accept herself, even if that means being different. For only then can she blaze her own path and find the true belonging she seeks.

Cicek loves speaking about her story with middle-graders everywhere. To invite her for an in-person or virtually visit to your school or library, please email her at Cicek@KyRoseLoves.com.

Join her, too, as she tinkers in her maker/circularity lab and chats with creators from around the world in the upcoming episodes of her podcast, the KyRoseLoves Crafty Makers Series

KyRose Loves hopes to build lasting relationships and connect makers with projects that promote technical innovation, personal empowerment, and a deep respect and stewardship for nature. 

Makers of all ages, welcome to the playground!

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